Case Opener Ultra - 2017 App Reviews

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Its ok

Its an ok game with some effort put into it, but the new update (That has only been released for iOS) has ruined the game. If you have any Android device just download this on that, it has a better chance than this one. This one is not random at all, it has a set place its gonna land every time because lots of people got knives from the other update because its actually random. Please fix this. Once you fix that problem and add the chance to exchange between people then I will rate this higher.

Can’t restore IAP for removing ads

I bought the remove ads iap, played for a while then, I deleted the app. However I try to remove ad, I can’t restore my IAP! Hell I can’t even rebuy remove ads again!!! Please fix this!!!!!!!!!!


What's the point in ranks now??? You removed special cases and also I'm extremely mad I had a 89% chance about to win a super good item and I lost no big deal I tried again with a 95% chance I lost AGAIN and now my best item is worth only $23!!!

I enjoy this game very much!

I have a lot of experience on the game and honestly, it’s a lot of fun. I have a D-lore and a howl which was my goal on the game (your best bet to get those is the jackpot). I also have some ideas for the game. For example, you should add a case maker which allows the community to add their skins into a case (Like I think that will make this game a whole lot popular.


ok so i found a way to make lots of money on the game no glitches or cheats and i got a ban for 2 years for having fun and knowing how to play the game devs please email me because if you guys wont unban me ill unban myself and all hell will break loose on this game

its. a good game but need fixings

i like it but you have to wait 1 hour for jackpot i want it to be like 40 minutes because its so teasing and i want that the market place to be fixed but for now its good.

5 star, but please add

So i love this app, and btw im not a bot or anything, this is one of my favorite games. However, make it even better with crash, roulette, custom case creators, and maybe a 1v1 coin flip. Also, maybe the ability to share information or stats (skins and achievements) to another device. Thanks!

love it

game is time consuming but fun. I think that u should add more betting options and make it so u can open cases faster/ more at a time

Great 👍

Love it a super fun case opening app for people who love csgo! A ton of people at my school have it and love it! 👍👍😃

Read This

Get this game, it's addicting and fun. People just complain about not being able to transfer the skins to steam... Like no kidding, this is just a simulation. Also people complain about having bad luck.... I've had fun with it and so will a lot of people.

I got scammed

I put about 5000 dollars in and had a 89 percent chance of win then got all reds. Fix your stuff.

Dont get this app

It's fun playing but if you get a skin you can't trade it on steam to your account to get the skin. So basically you get a skin but you can't use it on csgo.

Great Game!

I was a case clicker OG. and when my phone broke I was devastated. I didn't want to restart so I would get other apps that seemed "easier". And I just stopped playing them. But the other day I look and see this game. I get it. It's awesome!! It is so sick! A great game, if you love opening cases. Get this game.



The Slide.....

I do want to point out the fact when you get to the point of getting a knife or anything in the game it should slow down a little quicker and it should gradually keep sliding till it stops, not just stop... Other than that, insanely fun game, addictive, needs a little work......

Good but make no sense

The thing is I had an 86% chance with an op medusa on the line and I failed because some random reason and then multiple times over and over three times it was over 80% and I lost every single time three times in a row I like the aspect of you can get free money and just like you know gamble away but the jackpot is broken and needs to be fixed

Best CSGO Case opening Simulator

I love this game. I have a suggestion you should make cases for specific knifes such as a Karambit or a M9 Bayonet. You should also add a feature where you can put your price range and find the correct price for the item you want.

Doesn't work.

(On an iPhone SE) Every time I tap to open a case the game crashes.


This game is sooo fun its almost to the point where Im doing a giveaway on youtube for this game and all im going to do is sell my knives because in the past day I have gotten 59 knives but this game is realy fun.


I have played this game for a month and only have gotten one knife I've worn a RABBITS FOOT to get one and each time a knife would pass by my face and I would be like bye knife and the one time I did get one it was a flip knife RUST COAT.Overall I just want whoever made this game to bring up the knife chance a little.

Good game

I like this game especially with the new market they added but I think it would be nice if you guys added statistics for the items in your inventory, number of cases you opened, how many jackpots you won etc.

Good game, but......

It's a good game don't get me wrong. There is just a few major bugs with the game that I'm not gonna talk about but on that I will mention is that randomly for me when I'm opening a case, I'll start getting bombarded with blue weapons and my rank keeps going up and then crashes on me. When I opened the game back up there was no number for how much money I had (I had $5000 when this happened) and I went to sell the blue weapons I had acquired and when I did so I actually got money, but the $5000 I had originally was gone and now I have about $2. I still have my rank that I was at but I have no money now. So if you could please fix this that would be great.

Very Addicting

I play this everyday and I love it. The free cases with real chances

Awesome Game!

Love this Game Very Nice Game


Enjoyable, only problem is when I receive my daily bonus it shows for a moment than returns to previous balance.

So nice

I love this game I had recently just switched phones and my max rank was lost and these amazing people diddent even question it and very quickly got my rank back I recremend 10/10


this is a fun game you never run out of money and love the new market👌🏻👍🏻

I like it give it 5 stars

I was playing and it gives me my daily money and when i got to open cases it takes me down to 3 dollars everyday, and i also sold 1 knife and lost all my knifes for no reason and they were worth $200 each

Best case opener game

This game has lots of potential and is amazing, however here are some suggestions: 1. Fix the market place, make it so people can only do 5% of he price for example if someone has a Doppler and it's 200$ they can sell it as low as 150 or as high as 250. 2. Blue gem detection would be great. 3. Fix dragon lore prices, my dragons lores are way underpriced 4. Add souvenirs please and also add roullete and coinflip and possible online gambling as I constantly see people putting stuff on the market meaning people are online. 5. Add more cases, sticker cases maybe add graffiti drops or drops based on your rank for example a global elite gets 50$ a day and silver can get 0.50$ a day. Thanks.


The marketplace is chaotic and is a huge mess of people exaggerating the prices of the skins, must be a way to fix this

Needs skin trading BAD

I know it says it In the description/info setting but it really needs skin trading to become an amazing simulator

Fun, No Response

I think this game is very fun and the updates sound promising, but the game still lags very much. This game should not need cellular. However, it is still very fun even though it takes up lots of battery. I also emailed you with a complaint about losing my 32(I think it was more like 34, not sure) more than a day ago with no response. Anyway, great game!


At first this app was fine. But now every time I leave this app a lot of times it restarts my phone. The + sign to watch videos to get money rarely works. I go to it and it just freezes or goes to the buffering symbol and nothing appears. Please fix soon. Also please add exchange for iOS users.

Ads won't work

I like the app it runs really well but I can't get any money cause my ads don't work


Very good 10/10 -ign


-can't get the daily rank money -ads won't give money (request)-trade between players for iOS pls


The game looks nice but apparently if you spend 5 bucks to disable the annoying ads you lose a full days worth of opening cases in rank and money so just dont

I love this game but

I lost my rank and money i was a legendary eagle master. With 1500$ and now i have 250$, i still have all my money but i was almost at the level where i can get the knifes case and then contact us thing does not work so please if someone can help me please help

Case Opener Ultimate

This game is super fun. It is a good way to not waste real money on real cases and just sit back and have a fun time. My rank once reset and I lost all of my money and skins. I reached out to the support for help, and now I am back and my original rank and they even gave me some of my money back! They only took a day to fix everything. Love this game! 👍🏻

Great game

This is a really great game. It has amazing graphics and is one of the best case opener games out there.

Great game

Very fun game with amazing customer support!!!

Great game

I love this game, but even with 5 knives in the low jackpot I still lose, my luck is awful. But otherwise I really enjoy this game

Apple needs trading with android

I got my friends hooked on the game and I personally love it but I'm giving 2 stars since there is no trading I would like to be able to trade between android and apple

Update is bugged

So I updated the app and this is an app I've put a lot of time into and I got into the app and it won't load my rank or let me use the jackpot. Please fix it I really enjoy this game but now I can't even open a case see my rank or use jackpot.


The game overall is great but to remove the ads is $4:99 and lately I haven't been able to watch videos for money also my daily bonus can only be collected at night


Can you make a trade system like what you made for android and every time you load into jackpot the go button takes like 2 seconds then it's clickable like its grayed out for a bit it's not like before the update where you can click it instantly once it gets removed and you add a trade system 5 Stars! Good job!


you said it would transfer all money and skins but nope it reset everything

Was good

I was enjoying the app I played for about a month then the update destroyed all of my progress and im not going to get all that crap back.

Just updated

Said money and rank would transfer but I lost all items money and rank. Had so much time put in this game and now it's all gone hopefully I can get this resolved soon.


Literally the stupidest thing ever, I had an 87% chance to win a karambit scorched and I lost $800 dollars worth of skins. Like every time I have an 80% and over chance to win I still lose. 1/5 stars only because of jackpot.

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